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Welcome to hanko.co.nz, the website of a man known to a handful of relatives and the odd bank manager as Paul Hankinson, the criminal justice system as Paul Edward Hankinson and to most other people simply as Hanko.

This is because I hail from Australia, the easiest place on earth to award nicknames. Pretty much all you have to do is take the first syllable of somebody's surname, add an "o" and your work is done. Although if the surname consists of only one syllable, you tend to add a "y". There is of course the odd exception to these rules, for instance, if your surname is Macnamara, McKintosh or starts with anything else that hits your ears as Mack, you will invariably be referred to as Macca.

But we digress.

The purpose of the website is to showcase my work as a Creative Director and copywriter. And I promise that if you get me to do some work for you, I'll get to the point a bit faster.

Especially if it's a 15 second TV spot or a banner ad.